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A group of teachers of English, belonging to different educational levels, have created APABAL; Associació de professors d’anglès de les Illes Balears, aiming to help gain more widespread consideration of the importance of teaching and learning the English language, as well as to support educational practices in this field.

The specific aims of the association are to:

• Update the methodological training of those teaching English, as well as that of teachers responsible for subjects which, though non linguistic, are nonetheless taught in the English language at all educational levels of our autonomous region, in the public and private sectors.

• Promote the development of research on the teaching of English.

• Make communication easier between teachers of English from different educational sectors, to exchange experiences and educational knowledge.

• Help create more widespread acceptance of the importance of learning the English language through courses, conferences, magazines, newsletters, media, as well as by means of all and any activities that may contribute to achieving the purposes mentioned above, supporting good educational practices within the English language teaching context.

• Promote activities related to Anglo-Saxon culture, especially those which have to do with the Balearic Islands.


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